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Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training

So you have been asked to give a speech or make a major presentation and you don’t know where to start. With every passing day to deadline your jitters increase. You are not alone. The feeling is common among many in the world of work.

Our approach to presentation skills training is two-fold.

 Firstly, we zero in on communication anxiety, dissecting it into two parts- process anxiety and performance anxiety. For each, we reveal time-tested, practical skills and techniques for delivering presentations that strike at the heart of what your audience needs and wants. We exam your topic and ensure that it is being scripted in a way that engages your audience and achieves your purpose. Then we demonstrate how to deliver your message, discussing keys to achieve the greatest effect.

Secondly, our training is very hands on. We don’t teach you to swim outside the pool; we throw you in the deep end, dive in with you and help you make the strokes. You might be drenched at the end of our workshop but we are certain you’ll be able to better handle presentations on your own thereafter.

Delivery: Two-day hands-on workshop or one tailored to your requests.